About Spray Tanning



Full Body (30 Minutes) $30.00

Full Legs (20 Minutes) $20.00

Book your spray tan two days before your big event. Everybody’s tan lasts a slightly different length of time, and it usually has nothing to do with the product. The speed at which your cells turn over has a huge effect on how long your tan will last. The younger you are, the faster your cells turn over, which causes your tan to fade more quickly. There's nothing you can do about the speed at which your cells regenerate. The good news: Keeping the amount of water your skin is exposed to to a minimum can help prolong the life of your tan. So when should you get your spray tan? We recommend 2 days prior to your event. That way the tan has time to settle in and fully develop.

Be sure to prep/exfoliate with the right scrub. You'll definitely want to exfoliate before coming in for your spray tan to get an even glow. Using a oil-free exfoliator light scrub sloughing off old skin cells creates an even base for the tan to adhere to.

Choosing the proper body scrub before your spray tan is very important. If you don't choose the right scrub, it may cause your tan to streak. The oils in popular sugar scrubs coat the skin and cause the tan to run right off. Instead, use an exfoliating mitt and skip applying lotion afterward spray tan formulas stick best to dry skin.

Shave at least 12 hours beforehand. It may seem like common sense to shave before a spray tan, but shaving immediately prior to your appointment can cause the product to irritate your skin. Shaving is a mild exfoliant that exposes new skin cells, which are extra sensitive. DHA (the darkening agent in spray tans) reacts with those sensitive cells and can cause some serious redness and discomfort. There should be a 12- to 24-hour window between shaving and your appointment.

Wear very loose dark clothes to your appointment. No matter how careful you are, the clothes you wear to your spray tan will end up with some slight discoloration. Although it should wash out easily, to avoid unintentionally staining your outfit, stick with dark clothing. It's also important to wear loose-fitting pieces after your tan. When you're freshly sprayed, the tan can be easily altered, so tight leggings, sleeves, and even your bra can mess with the finished results. A black sundress or loose sweatpants and a T-shirt will do the trick. And if you can, go braless for at least the first few hours afterward.

Limit your exposure to chlorine post-spray tan. Chlorine, which is a type of bleach, will take the tan right off your skin. Limit your time in chlorinated pools.
For your best results, be sure to not get wet for 6-8 hours after being sprayed. Some of our more fast acting sprays are fine to wash after an hour or two, However, for the best results, let the spray tan fully develop for as long as you can. It is fine to wait 24 hours to bath, but you may see the color on your bedsheets if you sleep before bathing.

Very Important: Do NOT scrub your skin when you first shower/bath after getting your spray tan. Let the water and your hands gently wash away any tanning residue on your skin and gently pat dry when you dry off. Avoid wiping hard on your skin as you dry off.

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