What is a Lash Lift & Tint and What is the Process?

A lash lift is a perm for your lashes.

It is a 3 step process (12 minutes each step) to set the curl. Lash lifts set the shape of your natural lashes using a chemical solution.

Appling the curling colution in just a few steps will give you a nice shape upward and a realistic curl.

Once the approximate 40 minute process of curling is complete, tinting them black will also be a 12 minute process.

You are able too wear mascara but you are also able too go without mascara being as your lashes are tinted black.

As your natural lasshes grow and shed in the normal lash cycle, the curled lashes will simply grow and shed as new lashes grow in as ussual.

The Lash Lift & Tint lasts anywhere from 4-6 weeks. Comparibly, the upkeep and cost is significantly less than Lash Extensions.

To keep a nice curl and tinting, you'll need to schedule your Lash Lift & Tint every 8 weeks. There is no preparation necessary.

The only thing that we recommend is if you want a more dramatic result, using a lash serum to grow your lashes as long as possible is a great option. However, as long as you have a nice length to your natural lashes (1/4" or longer) , we can work with any lash type.

Steps to achive your curl: The first step during your session, we will ask you questions about your goals and style (for example, whether or not you wear mascara everyday, like lashes high upwards to your eyebrows or more fanned out, etc.) Based on your answers, we will pick a curl size for your eye shape.

Our Lash Lifting compounds contain thioglycolic acid and emacol for breaking down and softening the lash to adapt its shape. The perming lotion is left on for six to 12 minutes. It depends on your hair type.

Note: If you have a hard time curling the hair on your head, let us know that when doing lash lifting. If the hair on your head is naturally straight, thick, and has a hard time holding a curl, then your natural lashes will act the same.

Once the setting/curling process is complete, a 2nd step of applying the setting solution for up to 12 minutes is applied. Once that is complete, a 3rd step of conditioning the lash for 12 minutes is done.

Our conditioning lotion contains keratin and sodium PCA in it, to add moisture back in the lashes. It also contains aloe vera, grapeseed oil, and glycerin, a humectant that attracts moisture. It's very similar to dyeing or bleaching your hair, then following it with conditioner.

To finish off your Lash Lift & Tint, we apply a black tinting solution and let it sit for 12 minutes.

The whole process from paperwork to finished takes about an hour.

The first 24 hours after a lash lift are crucial. Do NOT get your lashes wet for a minimum of 24 hours. Avoid steam or really hot showers, baths, jacuzzies during the life of your lash cycle. Steam or heat tend to uncurl your lashes.

You should avoid wetting them, steam, and all forms of moisture and humidity, and wearing eye makeup to make the curl last.

Lash lifts are low maintenance.

Wake up, decide to wear or not wear mascara, and you are good to go.

It is highly suggested that you keep conditioning your lashes nightly. You can use coconut oil to accomplish this! Coconut oil is great nourishment for your natural lashes! Your lashes have been processed so keeping them conditioned and nourished is a great routine to add to your daily skincare routine.